Artifacts Series

Artifacts Series by Epiphanio — Abstract Ink Artwork.

So what are these Artifacts?

The Artifacts are the doodles I’ve been doing my whole life… At first, I thought they were too simple, but then I realized that some of them have a slick, logo-like feel and would look cool on clothing. The Artifacts Series are moments of presence turned into things. I know they exist once they make me feel something. Sometimes that something is not emotional though.

A great friend of mine once told me that the reason he liked to play guitar, was the same reason he liked to play soccer: He just liked to touch the ball with his foot. The rules of the game and teamwork and winning… all of that stuff was secondary. It was the same way the string felt when he played it; and the song, theory, tempo, rhythm… the band …all was secondary to the feeling of the touch of the string.

It is zooming into those little essence moments in everything we do. This is how life is found. This is what I’m focusing on with the Artifacts Process. This process happens as I surrender forcing the ink on the paper and, instead, I let it be what it will be. My focus is on the brush on the paper and feeling when it wants to veer, lift and resume. Maybe this is ink calligraphy art, maybe they’re drawings or logos, icons …or codes, maybe they’re something else, maybe not, maybe they’re nothing…

I can’t tell you what these things are, I just make lots of them. I’ve been doodling them my whole life and the ones that are clearly something, do float to the surface. So I put them on prints, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, etc…

Thanks for stopping by… Please leave a comment, like, share with a friend… and I hope you find what you’re looking for …or even better: I hope you find what you were not looking for and fall in love with it! …and I’m not just talking about the art here…


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