Artifacts Series

What are these Artifacts…?

My Artifacts project are moments of presence turned into things. I know they exist once they make me feel something, sometimes that something is not emotional, though.

A great friend of mine once told me that the reason he liked to play guitar was the same reason why he liked to play soccer: he just loved how the ball felt when he touched it with his foot. The rules of the game and teamwork and winning, all of that stuff was secondary.

It was the same way he loved how the string felt when he touched it with his finger or the pick; and the song, music theory, tempo, rhythm …the band, etc… All was secondary to just feeling the touch of the string.

It is zooming into those little essence moments in everything we do. This is how we find life. This is what I’m focusing on with the Artifacts process.

The Artifacts process happens as I surrender forcing the ink on the paper and rather let it be what it will be… maybe this is ink calligraphy art, maybe they’re drawings or logos, icons …or codes, maybe they’re something else, maybe not, maybe they’re nothing…

I can’t tell you what these Artifacts are. I just make a lot of them, I’ve been doodling them since I was very young and the ones that are clearly something do float to the surface. So I scan them, photoshop’em and put them on merchandise: t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc…

So even though the medium is ink on paper, I do end up working on the digital image… and making digital derivative art, but hey… well, I guess I’ll have to try harder at plucking myself away from the computer… dang it! ;) …anyway… this is where we all are now: the web is the marketplace, no way around that. ;)

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