Aperture #8


Aperture #8, 2016 by Epiphanio Alexander.
36″x 48″ Oil impasto on Gessobord with UV Gloss Varnish.

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The concept I had originally for Aperture #8 was much, much smaller; but it just kept growing and growing, and soon I had reached the edge… aw, well… I guess I just wanted more of it!  ;) —I think there’s so much to explore here …Perhaps a whole series in black and white… Yes, that sounds very nice! :)

The Aperture Series, I see them as entryways into other states of perception: from the subconscious, to imagination, to clear moments of pure specific direction.

Aside from maybe an idea of which colors to use or what technique (you can’t put everything into one painting); I dive into each painting like an explorer in a foreign land and allow it to show me what it wants to be.

I used oils and palette knives on this 36″x 48″ Gessobord. It is cradled in 2″ birch wood with UV gloss varnish.

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Aperture #8


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